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Interview w/ TaRael Kee Curator of A Kee to Success

TaRael Kee, Illinois School Counselor of the Year, an amazing educator, YouTube Influencer & Curator of A Kee to Success, YouTube Channel & Podcast.

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My resource selection is diverse and dynamic. I aim to address the most relevant topics regarding mental health and mindfulness. Sharing easy strategies to engage, educate, empower & equip.
Redefining Mental Mental Health in Urban communities; building resilient families.

Resilience is an Ally: Empowering Educators & Support Personnel with Mental Health & Mindfulness Strategies

In her keynote address, during the 17th Annual Virtual Spring Conference for the NJSCA, co-hosted by Kean University, Indra Lyn Owens, M.Ed. shares insightful nuggets from her Trust Your Journey framework to: engage, educate, empower & equip fellow colleagues to use easy mental health strategies to keep their personal & professional resilience tanks full.

Let's keep in mind that these same tools can translate to the students & parents & families & communities we serve as well.

LCOY: Teacher Talk--How Counselors Partner with Teachers

It takes a village to raise a child, and no one understands that better than a school counselor. School counselors work with teachers, school administrators, students’ families, and business partners, all with the goal of improving students’ academic, social/emotional, and career outcomes.

In this panel, three dynamic school counselors will share their tips and tricks for effectively collaborating with others.

This video is a part of TeacherTalk, a series of online panels and discussions where K-12 educators can gain insights and advice directly from other educators, including members of our LifeChanger community.

TeacherTalk hosts thought-provoking conversations around topics such as remote learning, staying motivated, social justice, and more. 

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CWTC: Conversations with the Counselor

This format is especially designed for Parent Resource Center personnel, School Districts, community agents & parents: using the Trust Your Journey framework to teach simple strategies to build resilient families in this virtually charged climate & beyond.

Exploring the easiest tools to: engage, educate, empower & equip the students & families we serve. Emphasis on mental health awareness, advocacy & support & mindfulness in Urban communities. 

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Resources: Quote
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