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The TYJ Charities, Inc.

Redefining Mental Health in Urban Communities; Building Resilient Families

The ultimate mission is to provide students & their families with simple tools (books, repurposed fashion, counseling tools, educational workshops, etc.) to prioritize mental health and build resilience; redefining mental health awareness, advocacy & support in Urban communities. 

The focus is sharing these simple tools and strategies with the community at discounted and affordable rates by partnering with community stakeholders who serve kids and families to engage, educate, empower & equip in light of COVID, today's virtually charged climate and beyond! 

With the support of corporate sponsorship & donations & grant funding, The TYJ Charities, Inc., will be accessible to all community based organizations, colleges & universities, schools, community agencies, mentors & coaches, churches & clinics, etc. at an affordable rate.

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